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A Leader in Video Analytics and Pipeline Leak Detection Solutions

IntelliView provides video analytics solutions for industrial surveillance applications. The system automatically detects threats and hazards in real-time, allowing operators to quickly respond to a situation, leading to enhanced safety and security.

IntelliView offers superior security and surveillance by providing state of the art video analytics to monitor user-defined incidents that may occur in a camera scene and immediately trigger a response and generate several types of notification messages.

These solutions incorporate patented video analytics and image processing technologies to detect, identify, and track objects in real-time; as well as the ability to analyze surveillance footage to generate pre-programmed notification alarms.

IntelliView’s patented video analytics technology is driven by algorithms that capture and deliver data in real-time, and makes us a leader in the industrial asset management and environmental protection space.

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The solutions can be customized according to customer requirements and specifications. Our detection systems reduce false alarms, and notify you of mission critical incidents in industrial and outdoor environments. We prevent economic and environmental loss, reduce labor costs, and increase the efficiency of human and machine assets.

IntelliView provides an integrated system composed of: intelligent video cameras, video analytics software, ruggedized hardware, specialized housing enclosures, and communication components which complete our unique Solutions detection and surveillance system.

Specifically we apply our solutions for: Real-time Industrial Remote Monitoring to reduce operational risk for remote sites 24/7; Oil and Gas Leak Detection to monitor pipelines and pumping stations for leak and spills; and Wildlife Detection to ensure that birds do not land in settling ponds.

Optimized for smart phone devices, our customers can receive alerts and notifications including up to 30 second video images anywhere they have a wireless, cellular, or satellite connection.

We use trusted distribution channels and partners to deliver our solutions to targeted industries; and then optimize individual configurations to ensure highly reliable results.